What to Do When You Get a Flat

Few things can be quite as scary as having a blowout while you’re driving down the highway. It happens to a lot of people each day… if it’s never happened to you, it’s not fun! But even if it’s never happened, that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. As we’ve discussed in a prior post, there are ways to help prevent blowouts and flat tires, but not every incident can be avoided (sharp objects on the road, deep potholes, etc.), so we’ve put together some tips on what to do if you’re have the misfortune of getting a flat or having a blowout.

If you’re driving down the road and you feel a thumping and vibration, it’s time to pull over as soon as it’s possible and safe to do so. Don’t try to continue driving on the flat, no matter how close you are to your destination, as it can exacerbate the situation with more damage and headache.

It’s important not to panic and to check for cars that may be approaching before pulling over to the right side of the road. Make sure you park as far off the road as possible to avoid getting hit or sideswiped. It will also create more space if you need to change a tire on the left side of your car. DON’T stop in the middle of the road or you may get hit and seriously injured.

Be sure to turn on your hazard lights so drivers will see you as they approach. If it’s late or getting dark, a safety flare or reflective triangles in your trunk, it would be a good idea to get them out and place them a fair distance behind your car as an extra precaution. If you don’t have either of these, you may want to pick some up next time you’re at a store that carries them–it’s always good to be prepared.

You have a few options now:

  • Change it Yourself: If you have a spare tire and the tools and knowledge necessary to change a tire, you can replace the tire yourself. Stay tuned for our article about how to change a tire yourself!
  • Get Assistance From a Passerby: If you have a spare but aren’t sure where to begin, you can open the hood of your car which is a universal sign that you need assistance, and you may get lucky and have a nice person pass by that will stop to help. However, the longer you stay on the side of the road, the longer you’re in a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Call for Help: If you don’t have a spare tire or don’t want to risk getting assistance from a stranger (which is a valid concern), your other option is to call for professional roadside assistance. They can help swap your spare if you have one, or tow your vehicle to safety so you can get a new tire replacement and get back on the road as soon as possible.


If you’re in need of roadside assistance to help with a flat or blowout, or if your car breaks down and you’re in the San Marcos, TX area, give Will Tow a call! We’ll get you off the road as quickly as we possibly can so you can get back to whatever you happen to be doing!

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