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a flat tire propped up by a jack

Being alone on the road can be a little scary when you get into a situation like a flat tire, a lockout, or if your car stalls or gets stuck off road. What’s the best course of action in a situation like this? Although towing and impounding improperly parked vehicles is what towing companies are best known for, there are actually quite a few roadside assistance services we offer that you can call us up for when you need some help with your own vehicle.

With our towing equipment and winches, there aren’t too many situations we can’t get you out of. Read on to find out everything we can do for you when you’re on the road and need some help!

  • Tire Changes—Even with a spare tire and a basic tool kit, changing a flat tire on the spot can be a difficult job for one person with little more than a small, portable jack. If you need a hand changing a flat, even if you intend to ride your spare to the nearest tire shop, we’ll be happy to help change it. We can even help you get to the tire shop if you don’t trust your spare.
  • Lockout Service—It’s always frustrating to accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle, and it can be a major setback even if you have a spare key at home. Whom do you call to give you a ride? What do you do if you don’t have a spare? Bypass all of this anxiety by giving us a call; we’ll be out there to pop your lock and send you on your way!
  • Wheel Lift Towing—If your car breaks down in the Central Texas area, you’ll never be stranded on your own as long as we’re here. Call any time of day, any day of the week to get your vehicle lifted safely onto one of our wheel lift tow trucks and dropped off at the repair shop of your choice.
  • Off-Road Recovery—What if you get stuck off-road? Whether it’s flood waters, mud, ice, or just plain bad judgement that gets your vehicle stranded off the beaten path, you don’t have to worry. We have the tools to recover your vehicle and tow it just as easily on or off road.
  • Winch Service— Our tools aren’t used exclusively for towing, either. Anytime you need a winch, give us a call and we’ll handle the heavy lifting, whether that be your vehicle or anything else.
  • Gas Delivery—Underestimated the drive to the nearest gas station? Save yourself the trouble of having to walk and rent out a gas container, and instead give us a call. We’ll drive out and drop some gas off to your vehicle.

We’ve got a lot more to offer other in addition to our tow trucks! Call us anytime you need these services, and we’ll be ready to help any time of day. As long as Will Tow is here, you should never feel stranded or helpless on the road!

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