Towing Myths Debunked in Three Minutes

Going online is a great way to educate yourself on some much-needed information. Not everything you read online is true, though. There are many times the information gets mixed in with false data. The same can be said for the data out there about towing and the services many companies provide.

Here are 7 myths about towing that require some truth seeking and a little bit of tweaking:

  1. Is it true you can increase the payload component by adding more products?

    No, this is not true. A person cannot add in extra suspension products in hopes it will increase the ratings. Are you worried about the suspension payload? There is something that can be done. Level your truck. Decrease the poor handling. Gain access to the leaf springs before you take your journey. Another thing that can be done is work on getting rid of the side-to-side away.

  2. It is not necessary to learn the towing terms?

    This is another myth that needs to be corrected. You do need to learn the terms. There are differences between the two most common terms, GAWR and GVWR. The first one details the maximum weight you can put on the axle. The second one refers to the gross vehicle weight. This includes the vehicle and every passenger on board. This limit should not be exceeded at any time. There are other terms you should educate yourself on. Click here for more details on this.

  3. I can increase the capacity by increasing my trailer hitch.

    The manufacturer has put in a maximum capacity for a reason. At no time should it be messed with. Let us say that you have a capacity of 35,000. There is an exception to this rule. Let us say your hitch is at a capacity of 20,000. At no time should you go over the 20,000 limit. In this case, the hitch capacity will override the actual capacity.

  4. Can you go by the tongue weight?

    This is the one primary cause of failure with towing. There is an incorrect estimation of the tongue weight. You should click here to find out what the tongue weight for your tow truck is. This is the only way to be sure.

  5. Is it true that tongue weight is always 10% of what is being carried?

    It is usually between 10 and 15 percent. There are many variables to consider here. Two to trucks are not one in the same. Do not place most of the weight at the front, towards the hitch. This is placing too much pressure on the hitch. You need to know the exact percentage.

  6. The bearings do not need any kind of upkeep 

    This is wrong information, once more. The bearings are outside 24/7. They need constant upkeep and maintenance. Do you want your truck to break down?

  7. You can get any old hitch extension, right?

    No. You need a proper extension for your tow truck. Not all trucks are made the same in this respect. Most are ready and available in 8 lengths. They measure between 21 and 60 inches a piece. It is best to get specific measurements for this. Your tongue weight needs the proper extension. A shorter one will be more fitting, but you still should check it out.

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