Tips to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

People who live in busy, crowded areas often prefer using motorcycles instead of cars for convenience and avoiding congestion. Bikes are easier to park, and easier to maneuver compared to automobiles. However, it is also easier for motorcycles to be stolen since they are exposed. Thieves are always interested in taking a high value, good quality motorcycle and selling it to make a profit. Motorcycle owners must do everything possible to protect their bikes. Below are some tips for protecting your bike.

Protect Your Bike Every Time You Park

Many motorcycle owners do nothing when they park their motorcycles. Bike owners should always do something to protect the bike before they walk away, even if it’s just engaging the security device and the steering lock.

Fit a Lock on Your Machine

You can use a U shackle, disc lock, clutch group, or set a functional alarm. Installing a quality chain on the front or rear can also prevent the bike from being pushed away. If your garage has a security anchor, make sure you tie your bike onto it.

Fit a Tracking Device on Your Motorcycle

Although tracking devices can be costly, real arrests have been made with their help. Owners can always research different types and brands to find the most reasonably priced devices. Before purchasing, ensure you ask about the previous success of those devices. Be sure the signal penetration is strong since thieves may carry the bike in a van. It is also important to start following the bike as soon as possible; Thieves may steal a bike and hide it somewhere to see if it is being tracked so they can get rid of the tracker. If your motorcycle is costly then a tracking device is worth buying.

Fit an Approved Alarm or Immobilizer on Your Motorcycle

Although signals differ among areas, some have proved to be effective in preventing motorcycle theft. You should therefore consider it a way to protect your bike. There are some areas, such as parking lots, where security officers might notice suspicious activity when they hear an alarm. In addition, if the immobilizer is recognized by your insurance firm, you could get a discount if the company offers one.

Secure Your Garage

Garage thieves mostly come to steal at night. Some thieves follow you home, so it is important to keep it secure. Maintaining a thick door, security cameras, security lights, and alarms are just some of the ways to make your garage safe. You should never leave your bike outside your house since it gives thieves easy access to it. If you are away from home for some time, ask your neighbor or friend to watch the garage for you.

Other Security Options

Parking in front of a security camera can deter thieves from considering your bike, and can also help in its recovery if it is stolen.

Covering your bike when parked helps ensure that your classy bike is not overly advertised.

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