Steps to Take if You Find Yourself Locked Out of Your Car

Every driver fears locking their keys in a car, and the reality is: it happens. When you find yourself in this situation what can you do? Below are a few ideas that will help you to quickly rectify this unfortunate situation.

Dial 911 if You Don’t Feel Safe

Safety comes first, and you should call 911 to get help on the road fast if you don’t feel safe where you’re stranded. In many cases the authorities may be able to unlock the door. But if they are unable to provide you with the necessary assistance or tools to unlock it, you or they can call a roadside assistance/towing company to help out. But at the least you’ll feel safe, and safety is first and foremost.

Purchase A Vehicle With Advantages

Some cars won’t lock with the power-lock button if the key is in the ignition and a door is not closed. Additionally, several automobiles from Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury have provided a doorway-mounted keypad that enables you to tap in a code to unlock the door. If you drive an automobile with a programmed system such as for instance Hyundai’s Blue Link, GM’s On Star, or Mercedes Benz Mbrace, you can call a toll-free customer service to have your automobile remotely unlocked. These methods also provide free software that let smart phone owners unlock their doors themselves.

Get A Spare Key

A dealer might have the ability to make you an affordable key that’ll only open the door (but wont’t start your car). You’ll probably require your VIN (which is visible during the lower border of the driver’s-side windshield) and proof that you own the automobile. Obviously, you’ll also need a ride to the car dealer.

Request Roadside Assistance

Alright! Now here’s when those annual auto-membership charges actually pay off. There are many organizations that will provide road-side support to help you, although it can take a while for them to reach you. Many new cars come with roadside assistance throughout the basic warranty period. Your owner’s manual should have that information, but obviously that’s locked inside the car so you won’t have access to it. The number to call may be present on a window decal. Contact the dealership for details. The number should be saved in your phone, or write it down in keep it in your wallet. If you don’t have a new vehicle or don’t belong to a road side service organization you should inquire about incorporating roadside assistance to your insurance plan.

Keep Your Spare Key Handy

Remember to keep your extra key somewhere in a safe place. Stash it in your wallet, your handbag, or a well-concealed place on the automobile. You can buy a magnetic carton that can hold an it, and place it beneath the car. Or maybe consider leaving an extra key with some one who could save you in the event of a lock out.

If You’re out of free options, contact a local towing company. Most towing solutions will provide lockout support for a reasonable price. If you find yourself looking for lock out services in San Marcos, TX, be sure to call Will Tow for quick and affordable assistance!

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