Services That Towing Trucks Offer Besides Towing

Public sentiment often is irrationally against tow trucks. This stems from one-off experiences where people had their cars towed after illegally parking. But the reality is that often times when our cars break down, tow trucks are our only option. But there are ways to make sure these services don’t bankrupt you. You may actually already have roadside assistance that is offered from one of the companies you already use.

Some of the services that these roadside assistance companies offer include more than just towing. And the good news is that you can try to have them help you get your car going, and if it is unable to start, then a tow truck is right next to you to take your car to a mechanic. Tow trucks will often have battery chargers that are mobile. Even if your car is parked between two cars and can’t be reached by a car with jumper cables, a mobile battery charger will tell you if your battery is even able to be charged or if it is completely dead, or charge it up itself. This can save a lot of headache, because if it is indeed dead, the only option is getting a new one.

Another service you can have them call for you is locksmiths. Some cars, especially newer ones, can be extremely hard to open. Especially by yourself. And the problems can include locking your keys in your car, or losing your keys all together. A locksmith will be able to help you open your car, or make a new key altogether. Electronic keys will tend to cost more, as they have to be custom made to your door to actually work.

Another service commonly offered by towing trucks is replacing tires or helping you with flats. While it is normally easy to replace a tire, not everyone knows how to do it. If you are one of these people, it can be beneficial to have someone there to help you replace your tire. Especially if you do not have a jack or any of the tools needed, they can be what helps you get on the road again. If you do not have a spare tire or a doughnut, then you can always have them tow your car to the nearest tire store. This is not commonly known, but often times if you are willing to pay for a tow truck’s fee, they will bring you a gas can with gas if you happen to run out of gas. Then you can just reimburse them when they get there. Often times this will depend on the driver of that specific company, but if it is the difference between having a working car or being stranded, sometimes that is your best option to get going again.

So while the companies may call themselves “Towing Companies”, the reality is that they are generally willing to help you as much as they can with the toolset they have. It is best to always call ahead to make sure they can help you before having someone come out, of course. But hopefully this can help you get your car going again!

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