Preventative Car Care & Maintenance Tips

There are many things that you can do to help yourself, and your vehicle, that can reduce the chances of you breaking down or getting stuck and needing to call a towing company. Heeding these tips and tricks can save you a lot of unneeded hassle and expense.

Tire Care

  • Do not put air in your tires if the temperature is under 10 degrees. There is a chance that all of the air could be let out of your tires.
  • Practice regularly changing, rotating, and maintaining your tires before an emergency comes up. Neglecting your tires is one of the leading causes of being stranded on the roadside.

Being Stuck

  • If you live where it frequently snows, keep kitty litter in your trunk. Pouring the litter under and behind your tires in the snow can help your tires get traction.
  • If you need to dig yourself out of a spot, use your tire’s hubcap as a makeshift shovel.

Engine Fluids

  • Taking note of the color of any leaks can help you and your mechanic determine the source and type of leak.
  • Line an old cookie sheet with either cardboard or kitty litter to catch oil drips.
  • Change the engine coolant regularly to help prevent any potential engine malfunctions.

Keep it Clean

  • If you live in an area where it often snows, keep a small broom in your vehicle to quickly and easily clean the snow off of your car.
  • If you have several areas inside your car that are hard to clean, buy a foam tipped paintbrush. The narrow tip will get into hard to reach areas and collect any built up dirt or grime.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean your windshields.
  • Baking soda is also useful for cleaning up your headlights.
  • Use a sprinkler or similar device to clean under your car. Move it from the front to back to ensure that you have cleaned your underside of all the debris picked up from the road.

Being Prepared

  • Keep a writing utensil handy to be able to write down necessary information during a wreck. Also use your phone to take pictures of both vehicles.
  • If the paint on your car has been chipped, clean it and coat the spot with clear nail polish to help prevent rust.
  • Rub the rubber blades of your windshield wipers lightly with sandpaper to help extend their use if they have started wearing down.
  • If you suddenly hear silence while driving during winter months, this is a good sign that you are driving on ice. Take extra care not to slam on your breaks or make any sudden movements to help avoid being in an accident.

Of course, following the above advice can help reduce your chances of being stuck on the side of the road. However, nothing is fool-proof. If you find yourself needing roadside assistance in San Marcos, TX, be sure to give Will Tow a call, we’d love to help!

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