Locked Your Keys in the Car?

Tow truck helping a car on the side of the roadThis is an all too common problem that many face. The odds are becoming increasingly higher that more people will continue to lock their keys in their car. Just a few years ago the yearly number of people who are in this fix was at 500,000. Now it’s gone up to a few million. Chances are, in the next few years it will go up again.

According the AAA, there are two main bad guys in this scenario. The first one is the keyless ignition. Now, some of this fall onto the owner. He or she buys the system, thinking it will have their back. When the keys are locked in, all of that falls out the window. Number two, the other culprit is the security systems. They are there to prevent people from getting in. What happens though when one of those people is the owner? The alarm sounds and chaos breaks loose. The more advanced the security system is for the car, the more problems it creates for the driver.

There are ways around this issue. Below you will find an assortment of options to look at if you have locked your keys in your car:

1) Call the police, or at least 911. This way you will be safe and you won’t have to explain anything to anyone.

2) Does anyone out there have road-side assistance? It’s going to be in the best interest of the driver to call assistance. Everyone should have some sort of plan under their driving record. In some areas there are highway patrol personnel. They often times patrol the areas looking for drivers with issues. Flag one down. Tell them the problem. More often then not, they will take the time help out.

3) You could also call a towing company. This option is for those who don’t have the money to put out. Just dial 411. Most companies have a lock-out service option. Look into at least. Even if they say no, at least you have put in the effort.

4) Make an extra set of keys. This option will probably save you from having to make all sort of arrangements. It won’t cost you anything to make the extras either, or at least it shouldn’t. Have one around your house. Have one on you at all times. This way if something does happen, you can dig into your pockets and get it.

5) If you don’t have a key, then you are going to need a replacement. This is where it could get complicated and could cost you. You will have to call a locksmith. Now, on the cheap side it’s going to cost you about $200. On the more expensive side, it’s going to cost you close to a thousand. It all depends on the car, such as the make and model.


Some of the newer models have something called a door-mounted keypad. This is where you punch in a code to unlock the door. Some also have a benefit where you call a number to have the car unlocked by a remote, no matter where you are.

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