Information You Need Before Letting Your Car Be Towed

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Whether because of an accident or just a simple breakdown, you might find yourself needing to having your vehicle towed by a local towing company. Before having your vehicle towed, there is some information you should be prepared to have, and some you should remember to ask for from your towing company.

What Info Do I Need?

When you call to have your vehicle towed, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your situation and your vehicle. For instance, you will need to provide your location so someone can reach you. You can use the address of a nearby home or business if there is one within sight. If in a rural area, know the name of the highway or road you are on and the nearest mile marker. You’ll also need to provide the year, make, and model of your vehicle so that the appropriate towing vehicle can be dispatched.

What Influences the Cost of Towing?

Before requesting a tow, ask what the cost will be. The cost of towing a vehicle can vary from business to business. Some situations can influence that cost as well. The distance your vehicle is from the company, and how far it must be towed might affect the cost. The condition of your vehicle might also be a factor. For example, if your vehicle’s tires are unable to move, a flatbed tow truck is required, so the cost will change.

Will My Insurance Cover Towing?

Whether your vehicle’s insurance will cover a tow depends on two factors. First, if your policy covers towing fees. For this you’ll need to look at your policy, or contact your insurance company. Second, if the towing company works with your insurance. Many towing companies work with most major insurance companies, but it’s a good idea to ask up front so that you’ll know if there’s a problem.

How Can the Driver Help Me?

When calling for a tow truck, be sure to describe your situation accurately. Towing companies often employ drivers who are familiar with a variety of mechanical issues that vehicle owners experience. Often if you’re stopped with a common issue, such as a flat, or an empty gas tank, your tow truck driver will be able to help. Even if your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, your driver may be able to help assess the damage to the vehicle and provide help or resources.

Where Will My Car Be Towed?

Before having your car towed, make sure that you know where it’s being towed. This could influence the cost of the tow, but more importantly, you need to know where you can retrieve your car later. In some cases towing companies will tow to their company’s lot. If you’ve experienced a mechanical failure and have a mechanic in mind, you can ask to have your vehicle towed to that location. If you aren’t sure which mechanic to use, your driver may be able to recommend a reliable service to you.

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