Getting Your Vehicle Out of the Snow or Mud

Tow truck helping a car get out of the snow

Stuck in the snow or mud?

Driving in adverse conditions is difficult enough, but encountering mud or snow can really put a wrench in the day for even the best drivers out there. Such conditions actually limit the amount of traction on most vehicles, meaning that it can quickly become difficult to navigate. If or when a vehicle becomes stuck, it can become almost impossible to get enough traction to get underway again, meaning that towing is just about the only available option.

If you find yourself stuck in the snow or mud, rapid spinning of the tires can actually do more harm than good. All that will do is simply create a bigger hole for the vehicle, and it is generally considered to be a waste of time. It is in such situations where a tow is the best bet, and thankfully few people are ever very far away from a reputable and professional towing service.

Central Texas might be dry for much of the year, but when the rain does hit it can do so with a vengeance. This means that even the most well intentioned and careful of drivers can quickly find themselves in a sticky situation. There are a few trick that you could try to get unstuck from the mud or snow prior to calling for a tow truck.

They include:

  • Remove the snow or mud from around the tires

It is quite common for people who drive in cold weather conditions, or who find themselves often in remote locations, to keep a small shovel in the trunk of their car or bed of the truck. If you do happen to have such a tool, consider trying to remove the snow or mud from the immediate area surrounding the tires. This could help put the tires on solid footing for just a long enough period of time in order to regain traction once again.

  • Try to drive in a low gear

The key in this situation is to get your tires to find some type of solid ground. If you have an automatic transmission, try putting the car in the lowest gear available. You will then want to lightly touch on the gas in order to just give the slightest of movement to the tires. This will hopefully allow the wheels to gain just the right amount of traction required to being inching the car forward. This can also be done with a manual transmission by putting the car into a high gear and then letting of the clutch very slowly to have the same effect of trying to inch the car forward and get out of the hole that it has found itself in.

If you are by yourself, you will want to be extremely careful in trying to move the car on your own. In addition, if the car is going up hill, do not try to push from behind. For these reasons, and numerous others, it your best bet is to stay calm and call a tow truck. They will come out to the scene, assess the situation, and work to get you unstuck as quickly as possible.

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