Flood Relief Towing Services in San Marcos, TX

SUVs and trucks up to their windows in brown flood water

Things have been pretty rough out there! The recent flooding in the San Marcos, TX area caused more than a few people to get caught on the road in deep flood waters. So many roads were flooded, and much of that flooding was too deep for vehicles to clear. People were losing their vehicles, or worse, getting swept up in dangerous currents.

We couldn’t stand idly by. Throughout the flooding, We’ve been busy all hours of the day towing people out of dangerous flood situations and recovering vehicles that were otherwise lost. And as the threat of flooding continues, we won’t stop ’till things are back to normal in central Texas.

But we’re a commercial towing company, right? Surely it would be easy for us to take advantage of this unfortunate situation and get some extra profitable business out of people in desperate situations. But that’s far from what we’re doing. For flood victims, we’ve been towing stranded vehicles for heavily discounted prices. We haven’t been charging much at all.

We’re doing this to help, because we can. A tow truck is exactly what a lot of flood victims need, so we’re using ours as flood relief. If you ever find yourself caught in dangerously high waters, just give us a call at  512 – 738 – 5748. And don’t worry about the cost, because we won’t be asking for much at all. No one should have to lose their vehicle to circumstances they can’t control, and nobody will with us in town!

The one thing we do ask for, though, is a review on Google! Whether we help you out of high waters or you just need any of our other towing services, let us know how we did by leaving us some feedback. We definitely appreciate it and want to know what we’re doing right and what people want from a towing company. Review away!

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