Dealing With An Out Of Town Breakdown

When your car’s engine doesn’t quite want to turn over, the wiring is shot, or the gears won’t switch, it can be hard to not feel like the problem is something you can’t fix without ruining your week. This situation can seem even worse when you’re on a trip out of town. But a little knowledge makes the situation feel less like a disaster, and more like a manageable problem. Here are a few options to consider before tackling the problem.

Strategies to Consider

Repair strategy depends on cost of repairs, roadside plans, cost of towing, travel distance, and the cost of a rental car. There are often 3 main options for dealing with sudden vehicular problems when out of town, barring some prohibitively expensive ideas. Your choices will also depend on whether or not you can diagnose the problem yourself.

Taking Everything Home

One option is to take the entire issue from wherever you find yourself broken down, back to your home. This would require towing the vehicle back, and having it fixed there. The benefits of this option include less travel back and forth between your home and vehicle, and having your choice of auto repair options in your hometown. On the downside, this option is unlikely to be covered by roadside assistance. Depending on the distance you are from home, it can also be tricky to find a towing company that will take your vehicle as far as needed. Some people may have the option of having an acquaintance with a large vehicle lend a tow, but it’s usually safer to have a professional do the job.

Repair Where You Are

If you’d rather not arrange and pay for having your vehicle towed back home, an alternate option is to repair it in the town or city it’s already in. This will remove the need for long distance towing, but will leave you without a vehicle away from home. Depending on how long the repairs take, you may also have to return home and come back later to retrieve your vehicle. This will result in additional travel costs unless a friend or family member is available to provide a ride. In the event that you have to stay in the current city in order to wait for your vehicle to be repaired, you may also incur temporary living fees, such as paying for a hotel. It’s usually a good idea to compare the cost of long distance towing with the cost of having to stay out of town for a few days and see which would cost less.

The Last Resort

In the event that the cost of towing, repair, and travel exceeds the cost of the vehicle, the final option is find a way to sell or scrap the broken vehicle and make other travel arrangements. This case is unlikely, unless the vehicle was truly on its last leg. However, it such a situation does come about, consider the available options carefully. The least costly choice may be to get what you can for the vehicle, find your way home through available travel or friends and family, and use the funds to look for a new vehicle. Again, this option is usually unlikely, but it is always better to get something for your vehicle than to simply abandon it.

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