The Most Common Towing Mistakes and Tips to Avoiding Them

Not everyone has adequate experience in towing. However, this fact should not limit anyone from tagging their belongings along when going on a road trip or vacation. The most important thing is that all towers learn the common mistakes that they might be penalized or fined for, and how to avoid them. Here is a list of some of the most common towing mistakes that people in Central Texas make and ways in which one can avoid them.

Improper Loading

One of the most common mistakes made by towers is the improper loading of luggage. Only a few drivers are aware of how to properly load cargo. Properly loaded cargo should be well distributed such that it balances through the truck. The purpose of this is to ensure that proper control of the trailer is maintained throughout the journey. The best way for loading your cargo is by ensuring that the bigger percentage is near the axle and that the rest is evenly distributed in the trailer.

Not Checking Your Vehicle Rating

Every vehicle comes with a rating for the goods that it is allowed to carry and those that are not advisable for it to carry. However, not many drivers take this precaution before towing their trailers. Noting your vehicle rating will help you in preventing some vehicle damages associated with improper luggage carriage. This may affect your car brakes, tires, suspension and even transmission. Damages on this area can pose great danger for the driver and the passengers. It could also mean a shorter stay on the roads.

Forgetting to Care for the Brakes

Forgetting to check the car brakes is another very common mistakes made when towing. Most drivers will forget that at while towing, the brakes of their cars or trucks respond much slower than on normal occasions. For this reason, it is important that towers have trailers with a separate braking system such that they reduce the stress on the braking system of the leading vehicle. Additionally, you should ensure that the brakes are in proper working condition and are well- lubricated before embarking on a long journey.


Speed and towing can never go hand in hand. Remember, while towing, you are literally controlling two vehicles. This means that there is need for increased caution. And, this is not possible when speeding. Speed jeopardizes the integrity of your vehicle’s operating system, endangering both you and your passengers.

Forgot to Check the Tire Pressure?

Checking the tire pressure might seem like an obvious thing to do when embarking on a trip. However, in the midst of all the excitement associated with traveling with a trailer, one might underestimate the importance of pressuring the tires of the trailer. Particularly, because people tend to assume that the tires will be in order since the trailer is rarely in use. This is one grievous mistake that most drivers make. Maintaining the integrity of the trailer’s tires is as important as that of the towing vehicle. Otherwise, this could lead to accidents, caused as a result of increased friction, arising from low tire pressure.

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