Avoid Being Towed at Apartments in San Marcos

Having your vehicle towed can be inconvenient and expensive. One of the many ways to accidentally end up having a vehicle towed is parking incorrectly in an apartment complex. Many of the apartment complexes in San Marcos, TX, especially those near Texas State University, enforce strict parking rules in an attempt to discourage student commuters from leaving their vehicles in the apartment parking lots during their classes. Apartment parking lots often have limited space and maintain just enough room to accommodate residents and their guests, so it can be difficult to find the right area to park. Here are some tips to make sure your car stays where you left it.


If you are not a resident and you are not intending to visit a resident of an apartment complex, do not park there. Many apartment complex’s will immediately check to see if a parked vehicle has a permit for the lot if the driver is seen leaving the parking lot on foot without visiting one of the resident buildings first. While it may seem safe to park your vehicle in a visitor space for free for a few hours, being towed will cost you much more than paying for public parking.

If you are not a resident but you are visiting a resident of an apartment complex, make sure that you get information about the apartment’s visitor parking policy. If the resident that you are visiting is not informed about the policy, call the main office or visit their website. Some apartments require visitors to have a parking pass put on their dashboard. If this is the case at an apartment you are visiting, make sure that you or the person you are meeting visits the main office before they close to obtain a pass.

Other apartment complexes do not require passes but do ask visitors to park in a designated area of the parking lot. Most apartments indicate the visitor parking spaces by marking “Visitor” on the curb or in the space. Others have signs posted with arrows indicating how many spaces are reserved for visitors. Occasionally the pavement markings may have faded, or the signs may have been knocked over. If this is the case and you are unsure where to leave your vehicle, ask the staff at the main office. One quick trip inside could save you a lot of time and hassle.


It does not happen often, but occasionally even apartment complex residents can find their vehicle has been towed. The best way to keep this from happening is ensuring that you follow the apartment’s resident parking policies. If you are a new resident, make sure that your vehicle’s information has been provided to the apartment complex and is up to date. If the apartment provides a sticker to mark your vehicle as belonging to a resident, make sure that you place it in the proper place on your vehicle so that it is clearly visible to towing companies.

If you get new license plates for your vehicle after it has already been registered with your apartment, make sure to give them the updated information. You should also ensure that your inspection sticker is up to date as some apartment’s will tow vehicles that have not been inspected, even if they belong to a resident.

Another good idea for ensuring that your vehicle is not towed as a resident is to make sure that it is properly maintained. Many apartment complexes will tow vehicles if they are deemed “non-running.” If your vehicle has not been moved in a few months, or if your vehicle has a flat or a missing tire that has not been addressed, some complexes will have the vehicle towed.

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