Are You a Conductor?


A conductor of an orchestra has a very important job. Everyone knows they direct music, but it’s much more important than that. A conductor knows every note, the placement of every instrument and every musician and if something or someone is out of alignment in this well-oiled machine of an orchestra, it is his or her job to rectify it. It is important for you to be as diligent as a conductor with your car. If your car is pulling more to one side or the other or it is vibrating on the road, it needs to be properly aligned. Riding around with poor alignment continuously will cause you to have an uneven wear pattern on your tires. Rotating your tires helps you save money on tires and extends the life of your vehicle. You will also save money on fuel because there will be less stress on the car.

Towing, Jump Starts and Fuel Delivery

If you are in need of a tow in the Central Texas area, some companies provide 24 hour live dispatch, long distance towing, off road recovery, tire changes, lockouts, fuel delivery and jump starts. Check with your insurance to see if towing is covered or discounted. 

Separate Lockout Services

Separate lockout services provided by trusted locksmiths for Central Texas are also available. They have a quick response time for a sensible price. These locksmiths will also change locks and make new locks (for businesses or homes) while providing high quality and friendly customer service. They are available 24-7 for roadside assistance. They also offer emergency door unlocking services called PALSavesKids in case your child or pet is locked in the car. This service is free of charge. 

There is a free roadside assistance program available to motorist throughout Central Texas provided by the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). HERO responds to those who need help on I-35 and US 183 who have flat tires and need gas. They also assist with vehicle removals from travel lanes that have been in crashes. HERO also assist with the following: jumping dead batteries, transporting motorists to a safer location, providing cell service to persons in a broken down vehicle, removing trash from travel lanes and shoulders, helping emergency response personnel, calling tow trucks or emergency vehicles and performing minor vehicle repairs.

Although all of these resources are available in case something should go wrong with your vehicle, a responsible car owner keeps up regular maintenance on their vehicle. Regular tune ups, oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, alignments and car inspects are just a few things that will keep your car in working order. Keep up to date service records in case of any emergencies, such as an accident or break down. Become a good conductor and orchestrate the longevity of your vehicle. 

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