6 Simple Tips to Prevent Being Towed in San Marcos, TX

Getting towed in San Marcos (or anywhere, really!) can be frustrating, and it’s pretty easy to get towed these days. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to keep in mind to prevent being towed.

1) Read street signs when parking in commercial areas

  • Cities tow illegally parked cars pretty quickly in busy areas, and they’re generally pretty strict about it.

2) Avoid parking where you’re going to get towed

  • Tow-Away zones during business hours (generally 9-5)
  • Loading zones (yellow curbs)
  • Blue Zones (disability zones)
  • Red Zones (red-painted curbs)
  • Bus Stops
  • Be sure not park so that you don’t block driveways, curb ramps, etc.

3) Call a towing company yourself

  • If your car breaks down, don’t leave it on the side of the road. you’ll save yourself some hassle by being proactive and calling a private towing company/roadside assistance.

4) Keep current on outstanding parking tickets

  • If you don’t, you may find your car booted and/or towed, even if you’re not parked illegally at the time.
  • Of course, these laws vary by area.

5) Keep your vehicle registration up to date

  • Police can legally tow and impound your vehicle if you don’t have current registration when pulled over by an officer.

6) Keep your driver’s license up to date

  • If stopped by a police officer while driving, and you don’t have a current driver’s license, they can tow your car if no one is with you to take over driving.

Following these simple tips can help you avoid having your car towed. Of course, a tow truck can be quite a welcome sight when you’re broken down and stranded.

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