Car Towing FAQs

If you are wondering about car towing, below are general questions that will give you an idea of what to expect.

How can you find your car if it’s been towed?

Your best option in this situation is the Police Department. If you notice that your car has been towed, you should make a point of contacting the Police Department in your city. All the companies both public and private are required to report any towing incidences that they may have undertaken within 30 minutes of towing. So, you will find all the information that you need from the department. You may also look around the area you were parked in for towing signs that may have a phone number on them for you to call the towing company directly.

What happens if a car is on a temporary hold?

When your car is towed, you are expected to pay the penalty and it will be released. However, at times the police may restrict the release of the car and place it on temporary hold. This can happen if the police need to inspect the car and validate the information provided. If your car is placed on hold, you will have to wait for 72 hours before you can get it back. At times, the hold may be shorter if the required information is provided on time, and other times longer. Keep in mind that the 72 hours do not include the weekends and public holiday. Regardless of the reason your car was towed, if the car is placed under restriction, you must obtain a police clearance before you can get it back.

What if your car was damaged during the towing?

Most of the towing companies do have systems in place to protect your car during this process. However, if you feel like your car was damaged when it was towed you are advised to get a claim form from the company in question. You will be required to provide your contact details when filing the claim. Take note that some companies may require you to sign a perjury penalty form stating that your car was damaged during towing.

What if you return before the truck removes the car, will you have to pay?

Yes, you will be required to pay the drop fee. This will only apply though if the truck had not removed the car from the property. The maximum amount of money that you can pay for that is set by your State although most of the time it’s $70. The driver of the truck is required to provide you with a receipt after payment.

What is the information that you should expect when you get your car?

Regardless of whether the car was ordered by a police or a private company, the person who towed should provide you with a hand-written invoice including the following information; details of the car, the time and date of towing, the reason for the tow, the time and date the car was released, your identification information, the location the car was towed from, an inventory of all the items found in the car, a list of all the fees and the reason for each, the name of the company or the officer who authorized the tow and notes of any pre-existing damage to the car.

Example of a properly documented 'No Parking' sign

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